Levelling the power grid

Power Stability

Modern electricity consumption patterns demand more and more from the existing power grid. Large power demand spikes on a daily or seasonal basis, can increase the risk of power shortfalls for consumers and/or power black-outs. 

Utility companies want to limit costly investments to upgrade the power infrastructure, whilst consumers want to avoid peak electricity tariffs.

Supercharge offers solutions that can flatten power demand and remove power spikes. For example in commercial buildings with a central operating system, a Supercharge battery pack with associated control system can act as a barrier to limit power demand spikes from the grid throughout the day. This saves customers money without sacrificing business operations.

In other areas where power consumption is extreme for short periods, but base demand is low, utility companies face two choices: make upgrades at significant cost, or simply delay, or even reject, applications for more power. For example in a holiday cabin area, the existing grid infrastructure will face limited loads during week days, but can become exposed to overloading for short periods during weekends and holidays. Here, a Supercharge power compensator with a battery pack can provide a “buffer” to the power grid, providing peak supply and offering increased stability.

How does it work?

Supercharge will assess the daily and seasonal consumption patterns in the area with the building owner and/or utility company. This will form the basis for dimensioning the battery system, which will act as a supplement to the power grid during periods of high consumption. The Supercharge system will also monitor battery status.

The battery system is also designed to be recharged during periods of low consumption and at times of the day with the expected lowest electricity price per kW.

Our solutions also make it easier to regulate power from electricity sources that are less predictable, such as from wind turbines or solar cells. All of our systems are modular and scalable and can be tailored to specific customer needs. 

Supercharge is with you throughout the process

We can adapt our solutions to every situation and prioritize collaboration with our customers to find the best configurations to meet their needs. Supercharge will carry out the planning and design to deliver a reliable power management solution. We will carry out the installation and can manage operations. We offer 24/7 full year support and surveillance of our charging solutions through an advanced monitoring system. In the event of any identified issues, we will send out qualified personnel to resolve the matter.

Contact us today to start a conversation and use us as a sparring partner to find the best power solution to fit your needs.