Our Charging Solutions

Fast-charging is needed across industries

The transition from fossil fuel-driven to electric vehicles is accelerating. Supercharge supplies fast-chargers to satisfy a wide range of needs and industries. Click the icons below to read more about each one.

Become a charging station operator

Earn money at your charging station via Supercharge. We offer a range of different payment options that make it easy for customers to use your charging station. What makes us distinctive is that all revenue goes to you, we do not take a percentage of the profits. You will be the full owner of the charging station and take all the profits. It promises to be a good investment.

The charging station will have several payment options depending on your preferences. The customer will be able to choose between payment through a mobile app, RFID or debit/credit card. Furthermore, as owner of the charging station it will be up to you to decide how to price your electricity, for example a price per minute or price per kW/h. You can also choose to have separate rates for different groups of users, such as employees. You can also brand the charging stations with your company logo, or any other customized look that fits with your marketing profile.

Payment options


Contactless payment with debit/credit cards or phone.


Payment by app. Our app-solution also provides battery and charging status for your vehicle, visible in the app.


Payment by Radio Frequency IDentification