Electric Buses

Charging Solutions for Buses

Supercharge delivers both temporary and permanent fast-charging solutions for buses. Our goal is to make it easier for public transport to move towards a greener future. We aim to achieve this by providing bus companies with infrastructure and support for their charging solutions. These solutions can be tailored to each individual location, need, and customer. We have solutions for both public transport and tour buses. We already have many bus companies who have successfully implemented our charging solutions. The expansion of this charging infrastructure in Norway is a top priority for Supercharge.


At Supercharge, we offer mobile charging solutions that we call a “Habitat”. These Habitats can be moved easily to different locations on a daily, weekly or seasonal basis as required. For example to specific event locations, tourist attractions, festivals or ski resorts. The same habitat can be used at amusement parks in the summer, and at ski resorts in the winter. You can charge your own vehicles, and offer fast charging services to others using our payment solutions.

Public Transport

Supercharge provides charging solutions for electric buses, on a temporary and permanent basis. We want to make it easier for bus companies to transition to electric vehicles by providing the necessary infrastructure. Our solutions can be customized to meet the specific needs of each customer and location. We have solutions for both public transport and tourist buses. As more and more bus companies switch to electric vehicles, it is important to have many easily accessible charging stations. That’s where we come in, helping with the planning and design so that buses can charge at night or during natural stops along their routes. Supercharge is committed to helping public transport make the move to a greener future.

Tour Buses

Bus companies transporting tourists to and from attractions can charge the bus while the passengers are out sightseeing and enjoying Norway’s natural wonders. Supercharge can install both stationary fast-charging stations or supply mobile charging hubs. If the desired charger location is at a tourist attraction that is only open at certain times of the year, we would recommend a “habitat” which can easily be moved as required. Habitats can also be placed in a way which enables the bus to be charged at night.

Tailored Solution

At Supercharge, we can offer a range of solutions for your fast-charging stations that are customized to your needs. Supercharge is also an international supplier and can deliver to bus companies throughout Europe and the world. Please contact us to find out more.