Electric Cars

Charging Solutions for Electric Cars

Fast charging is often only associated with the chargers for fully electric cars. The chargers from Supercharge can service both hybrids and fully electric vehicles. We deliver both off-the-shelf solutions and tailor-made charging stations to meet your specific needs.

Income from Fast Charging

Do you have a good location where a lot of people could stop to charge their electric vehicles? If so, why not set up your own fast-charging station to generate additional income. Supercharge delivers and installs fast chargers that you will be the owner of. Unlike other suppliers, we won’t take a percentage of the income from your charging station. It will all go to you. Supercharge will also provide a 24/7 customer support line, which is open 365 days a year, where you and your customers can speak with our experts. If your charging station requires inspection and/or maintenance, our qualified personnel will come to you.

Fast Chargers for Electric Cars

We offer a range of charging solutions that are perfect for electric vehicle owners, providing fast and convenient charging at petrol stations, car parks, shopping centers, and other popular locations. We see that more and more public and private companies want to offer customers and employees a hassle-free charging experience. Our solutions come equipped with a variety of payment systems, allowing customers to pay through an app or credit card. Our payment system also allows employee usage to be tracked such that businesses can monitor costs and receive regular invoices.

As the owner of a fast charging solution from Supercharge, you are free to set your own charging rates.

AC Slow Charging

We also supply AC charging stations that are designed for slow charging, over a few hours, or overnight. These are a cheaper alternative to fast chargers and are ideally suited for apartment complexes, office and hotel car parks, airports and other locations where cars may be parked for several hours. These AC charging solutions work by spreading the current to a network of electric cars that are charging simultaneously in, for example. Our solution enables a stable power supply for all vehicles.