You can contact us on +47 47 71 23 41

The Supercharge support team consists of experienced personnel who assist our clients around the clock from our 24/7-365 customer support center. Our friendly staff on the 24/7 helpdesk are available to assist you and your customers with any charging issues.

Supercharge Support offers:

  • A call center that is open 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Monitoring of charging stations at all times.
  • Additional safety and security by providing direct access to qualified personnel
  • Friendly and helpful consultants
  • On-site assistance and inspections

Open all hours for our clients

Your customers are welcome to contact our customer services if they require assistance. They are welcome to contact our support desk with questions related to charging, or for general assistance with their electric car. We have found that when people buy their first electric car, charging can be a challenging new thing for them. Most of our clients do not have their own support desk, and want us to handle all customer services for their clients, as well as providing technical support and assistance with operation of the stations. We are more than happy to do so!

You as our customer choose the level of support that fits your needs. For example some of our clients have their own support desk to handle the first point of contact from their customers. If the query cannot be answered and/or further assistance is required, they then call us.

Technical assistance

Our support center monitors all active charging stations and is able to locate your charging solution in an instant. If a charging station is observed to have technical issues, our support network will make sure qualified technical personnel are sent to troubleshoot and fix the problem as soon as possible. In most cases, Supercharge will know about a technical problem before it causes any concern to you.