Supercharge in construction sites

A net-zero construction site based on electric machines can maintain the same level of efficiency as one using conventional diesel-powered machines. Our mobile charging solutions can charge everything from trailers to diggers simultaneously in the same place. We recognize that heavy machinery needs to be charged quickly with DC fast-charging and this is the basis for our construction sector solutions.

Supercharge will guide you through the entire transition, including planning and managing implementation of the selected solution(s), and assisting with operations.

Charging Solutions for Construction

If there is enough power available on site to run the Supercharge solution, it will be connected directly to the electricity grid. Typically, an excavator and most other heavy machinery take a charging speed of 150kW/h, which requires a supply of 250 Amps and 400V. Our mobile charging solution – Charge-hub – optimizes uptime throughout the working day.

Often though, access to sufficient power is the biggest challenge, as power is also needed for temporary buildings and other services. Our solution to this problem is to provide an integrated battery within the charging solution which can compensate for insufficient power from the grid. We can deliver standard or tailored solutions to the specific needs of the construction project.

We all know about avoiding peak power usage! Whether you only use a fast charger as a standalone unit or in combination with a battery and/or Charge-hub, our solution will give you the ability to optimize charging to the most economical times. You will also have the opportunity to “flatten” power demand by using a battery that is controlled by the Supercharge system.

Workplace Safety and Reliability

Most available charging solutions are not designed for the harsh conditions of a typical construction site. Environmental factors such as dust, vibrations, weather etc. can be hard on electrical components. Our solutions take these risks into account to give you a charging solution that you can depend on. We offer 24/7 full year support and surveillance of our charging solutions through an advanced monitoring system. You can also receive on-site technical support as well as installation and decommissioning support at the construction site as and when desired.


The chosen charging solution(s) can be branded with your logo or any other custom design. Please Contact us if you are unsure of what Supercharge solution will be best for you. Please also note that if you have purchased electric heavy machinery in Norway, you can request a grant from ENOVA.