About us

Supercharge Enables Sustainable Growth

Supercharge is part of the Holta & Håland Group. Our owners strive towards cultivating innovative growth for the whole group. This is reflected in Supercharge where values such as knowledge, experience and innovation are central to our success.

Our business model is built on innovative charging solutions for the professional market. Our charging- and energy solutions enable companies within mass transit, logistics, construction and more, to move away from fossil fuels and towards electric. We strive for a sustainable future.

Our identity also resonates with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We have focused on the following goals:


Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

We will contribute technical solutions that facilitate the efficient use of clean energy by business. We will work closely with power companies to make the supply of renewable energy easier.


Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Innovation is in our DNA! Supercharge will strive to provide the best technology for the application, be it fast-charging for transport, construction, or maritime applications, and/or the supply of smart, clean and energy efficient measures for electricity infrastructure.


Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Clean air and less noise pollution! Zero emissions construction sites, and electric vehicles for public and personal transport as well as third party deliveries, will make a positive contribution towards a healthier environment for city dwellers.


Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Reduce waste and increase recycling! Procurement and production will have a focus on reducing and recycling waste where possible. Transport by electric vehicles where possible, as well as recycling of electronic components.


Goal 13: Stop Climate Change

This goal reflects our ambition to be an active contributor to the energy transition. Our contribution is to promote the latest green technology to achieve this.

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Supercharge is conscious of its role in continuously reducing its own carbon footprint, as well as actively seeking suppliers with the same focus and dedication towards emission reductions.

A Greener Future

Norwegian cities have agreed to use their financial weight to accelerate the implementation of climate measures within the building and construction industries.

  • By 2025 all public construction projects will be emissions-free. This entails phasing-out all fossil fuel-driven vehicles and machines and replacing them with fully-electric versions.
  • By 2030 all construction projects within the city limits will be emissions-free.

The transition towards zero emissions in the construction industry should not come at the expense of project efficiency. The solutions from Supercharge provide the means to maintain the same quality and efficiency as before.

We will assist you with fast-charging

Over the past few years, Supercharge has firmly established itself in the Norwegian fast-charging market. Everything electric needs to be charged. We provide fast-charging solutions for multiple users, including boats, buses, excavators and electric cars. Our innovative charging solutions are scalable and can be customized according to individual client needs and location.

Electric cars have become the new normal in Norway. In the coming years, other vehicles and machines will follow the same path. More and more industries are investigating the move towards all-electric vehicles. These new electric vehicles will need access to quick and easy charging capabilities. This is where Supercharge can make a difference by producing fast charging solutions to satisfy multiple needs. We are experiencing a high demand for our solutions. Supercharge is a full service supplier and will guide you through the whole process from planning to installation and beyond.

Fast-Charging just the way you want it

We use components produced by some of the world’s largest and most reputable manufacturers, like Delta Electronics and Starcharge Europe. Whatever the charging-need, Supercharge AS will deliver products and solutions from 11 to 350kW per charging point. In addition, we offer customized payment solutions for the chargers, including apps etc. All charging solutions can be customized with your own Company logo and/or desired motif.