Looking for a new fast charger? We are fully stocked!

Do you have a location in mind where many people would stop to charge their cars? Does your business need to charge company cars? Do you want the charger delivered as soon as possible? We have good news for you!

At Supercharge, we recently received a large shipment of different types of fast chargers. This means there is no no lead time for manufacturing and delivery for as long as the stocks last. Whether it is for cars, buses, heavy goods transport, or for construction machinery, we can deliver fast charging where and when you need it.

We have the following in stock:

  • 30kW DC wall charger
  • 60kW DC wall charger
  • 180kW “Lightning” fast chargers
  • 200kW “Lightning” fast chargers with payment terminals
  • 360kW “Lightning” fast chargers

*These chargers can be delivered now if needed

We deliver tailored charging solutions for your needs:

  • Fast chargers equipped with payment methods.
  • The ability to track how much electricity each employee uses and automatically send a monthly invoice.
  • The choice of an app or payment card solution for customers at your charging station.
  • Branded charging stations with your logo or custom design.
  • 24/7 helpdesk for you and your customers.
  • Qualified personnel for inspections and maintenance.

As owner of the charging station you are free to set your own charging rates. There are many payment options, including mobile apps, RFID, NFC etc. - Lager til leie i Bærum

An example of how it will look with custom branding. 


If you want to hear more about our charging solutions or need a charging solution asap – contact us with questions and get a quote.

You make use of our contact form which you will find here, or get in touch directly with our Sales and Marketing Director.