New charging stations in Rjukan

Our aim is to make charging as simple and accessible as possible. This is why we constantly work to establish and expand a stable charging station network along the Norway’s roads.

In Easter 2022, Supercharge delivered three new fast chargers to the Bjørn Berge Service Station in Rjukan. Credit card readers are installed on all the chargers which make it easy for everyone to charge their vehicles. Insert the plug into the car, scan the card on the card reader and you are good to go! You are of course welcome to use our payment app if you prefer. Each charger provides 200kW.

In addition to charging, Berge also provides petroleum-based fuels, car assistance if needed, and a tempting fast food kitchen. The charging station offers a convenient place to stop whether you are headed to or from Gaustatoppen. Or perhaps you want to visit Rjukanbadet which is only an 18 minute walk from the station.