Charging solution installed for Posten in Hamar

Like other large players, the Norwegian Postal Service – Posten – has been testing and adopting greener solutions to improve the sustainability of their operations. Within 2025, Posten has set a goal to only use renewable energy to provide power for their building and vehicle fleet.

In 2021, Posten decided to stop ordering vehicles using fossil fuels and placed its first order for electric vehicles. Today, the company probably has the largest fleet of electric vehicles in Norway, which includes 897 electric vans and trucks. They also deliver letters and small packages with zero emissions in 49 Norwegian towns and cities.

All these electric vans and trucks need charging. Posten Hamar contacted Supercharge and requested charging infrastructure for their electric vehicles. We have now delivered 3 new chargers to their Hamar branch: 2x 180 kW fast chargers and 1x 30 kW wall charger that can be used by both smaller vans and larger trucks.ks.