Delivery for the world’s first electric reach stacker in Risavika

Westport, is one of the leading port logistics operator in the west of Norway, and aims to play a significant role in enabling the green transition for shipping. The company has ambitious goals to be at the forefront of adopting new and sustainable environmental technologies. To this end they have made a significant investment by ordering the world’s first electric container truck with CCS charging capabilities, this is a significant investment in their efforts to contribute to the green transition.

The image shows the charging container which Supercharge has delivered to Stavanger Havn in Risavika. *The lifter in the image is not the electric lifter, but a diesel powered vehicle.*

The project is ongoing at the Port of Stavanger in Risavika where solar panels have already been installed, and EV chargers and battery packs are connected to the Harbour’s electricity grid. As such it was only natural to add additional charging infrastructure for an electric container truck. The electric container truck, which is also referred to as a Reach Stacker, has access to fast charging in the established break periods enabling sufficient battery capacity for an entire shift. By using CCS – and charging with a capacity of up to 350kW – this Reach Stacker is a world first.

At Supercharge, we are proud of the trust placed on us by Westport, and look forward to a continued collaboration.

The Reach Stacker is expected to arrive early 2023. You can read more about the project on the Risavika Harbour website here.