New charging system for Tide Buss in Bergen

Tide Buss is one of Norway’s largest bus companies, operating commercial tour buses, national express routes and airport bus services. Tide is constantly working on making a positive contribution to achieving climate goals and in developing more sustainable transport solutions.

Buses powered by fossil fuels produce CO2 emissions, and Tide as one of Norway’s largest public transport providers, can make a significant impact on reducing these emissions. They are working towards achieving this goal by increasing the number of zero-emission buses in the fleet, and by increased focus on more energy-efficient driving.

After careful planning and design work, Supercharge has delivered four “Lightning” fast chargers to Tide Buss in Bergen. Each charger is equipped with 180kW and can charge two buses simultaneously. The buses can be charged during the day and overnight for optimal utilization. 

The chargers are operated by the Supercharge system which monitors consumption, efficiency and usage. The system includes a fleet-management capability which ensures that the owners have an overview of which vehicles are charging at any given time.

The image shows one of Tide’s new E-Buses charging at one of their new charging stations.