New delivery to Boreal Travel in Bergen

Boreal started its work to make tourism more climate-friendly in 2020. Several electric tour buses were put into operation across Norway, including Bergen. However due to the lack of proper charging infrastructure for large vehicles such as buses, options for growth were limited. Boreal recognized the need for more specialised charging stations adapted for buses, and developed a plan to place these chargers at strategic locations along their routes.

Supercharge has now delivered several new chargers for Boreal Travel in Bergen, further enabling their climate-friendly journey. The new electric tour buses have a range of around 350kms. With the “Lightning” fast chargers from Supercharge, two buses can charge simultaneously and the batteries can be recharged in 2 to 3 hours. The chargers offer 360kW which is shared between each charging outlet on the station.

The electrification of tour buses benefits both climate goals and the local environment, reducing CO2 emissions and other climate gases whilst, at the same time, reducing noise and smoke/particulates which improves air quality. Now both the drivers and passengers can travel in comfort with a clear conscience.

The collaboration between Supercharge and Boreal now goes beyond Boreal Bergen, and is being expanded to Boreal in Stavanger, Stryn, Trondheim, Nordkapp, Alta and Honningsvåg where new solutions will be introduced soon.