“Tapping” is here to stay

Most things in Norway can be paid for with debit and credit cards. This is why we at Supercharge think it should be possible to use payment cards at charging stations.

The charging industry is constantly striving to make charging as user-friendly as possible. Supercharge is doing this by delivering charging stations with integrated payment systems. The payment terminals make the charging process easier for the consumer, and illuminates the need for them to download “yet another app”. Instead they pay by just “tapping” their payment card on the terminal. This ensures the process from when the customer arrives at the charging station to when they start charging takes as little time as possible, and avoids unnecessary waiting and frustration.

In this video, the Norwegian Electrical Car Association (Norsk Elbilforening) is testing the charging station at Skagerak Energi in Kragerø. They highlight the simplicity of the Supercharge enabled payment methods available to the consumer. Read the whole story.

Payment by card step by step:

  1. Put the charging cable in the car 
  2. Tap your card on the terminal 
  3. Voilà – charging started!

When you want to stop charging, select the cable you are using on the screen, and tap your card again on the terminal. Unplug the charging cable from your car and put it back in the charging station.

Note! When you use the payment terminal, 500kr (around £50) will be reserved on the payment card. This is to ensure that the full charging cost is available to be paid. The reservation is then replaced by the actual sum when the charging session is complete.

If you experience issues while charging at one of our charging stations, you can contact our 24/7 helpdesk at +47 477 12 341.

Happy charging!